Automobile indoor protective foot pad and rubber plate

2020-04-01 18:34:46 1991

Automobile indoor protective foot pads and rubber plates;  Non-die stamping, self-processing parts.

Rubberslab; rubber sheet; rubber sheet; rubber sheet; rubber sheet; rubber sheet; rubber sheet.  Rubber sheet is a sheet product with a certain thickness and a larger area, which is made of rubber as the main material (may contain reinforcing materials such as fabric and metal sheet) and is vulcanized, and is referred to as rubber sheet for short.

Rubber plate has high hardness and general physical and mechanical properties, and can work in air with low pressure and temperature of 20 ~ 140℃.

The rubber plate is made by calendering or extrusion molding the compound rubber, vulcanizing with flat vulcanizing machine or continuously vulcanizing with drum vulcanizing machine.

Color: black, gray, green, blue, etc.

Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, transportation departments and housing floors.

It is commonly used as sealing rubber ring, rubber cushion, door and window seal and laying workbench and floor.

Our factory can provide non-modular and non-standard shaped parts for shaping.

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