Nylon plate processing gantry milling machining

2020-04-10 20:20:16 1670

Main characteristics of nylon plate:

Mechanical strength, rigidity, hardness, high toughness, good aging resistance, good mechanical vibration damping capability, good sliding property, excellent wear resistance, good mechanical processing performance, when used for precise and effective control, no creep phenomenon, good wear resistance and good dimensional stability.

Application field of nylon plate:

Widely used in chemical machinery, anti-corrosion equipment gear and parts of bad material.  Wear-resistant parts, transmission structure parts, household electrical appliances parts, automobile manufacturing parts, screw rod prevention machinery parts, chemical machinery parts, chemical equipment, etc.

Advantages of nylon plate:

1, excellent wear resistance, can increase other service life.

2. Light weight and convenient installation.

3, the self-lubricating performance is superior, not sticky material.

4. Resistance to corrosion by various chemicals.

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