Rubber calculation

【It should be noted that the final results are for reference only and do not serve as the actual transaction price. Please refer to the official customer service quotation for real-time quotation.】

The calculation method is from length * width * height (unit mm), and the unit price of the product (yuan) is automatically generated.

pay attention to: due to restriction, when the length and width ≤ height/thickness, the price will be about 75% higher than the actual cost;Due to different processing methods, the final result is suggested to be based on the manufacturer's quotation.

Common rubber materials:

Material name Ordinary rubber Yimou rubber Natural rubber epdm nitrile rubber Silicone rubber Fluorine rubber Hydrogenated nitrile rubber Other synthetic rubbers
Remarks Recycled material, low cost, average quality Composite material with high quality Wear-resisting Aging resistance Oil and corrosion resistance Temperature resistance, large adjustment space Good oil and acid resistance Superior comprehensive performance Select by Performance

Length:  Width:  Height/thickness:   Material selection:

   Unit price (RMB):

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