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What do you know about silicone products?

2020-04-19 07:50:51 Yi Mou Rubber and Plastic 925

Outstanding characteristics of silica gel:

High temperature resistance: applicable temperature range -40-230 degrees celsius, can be used in microwave oven and oven.

Soft and Hard Adjustment: Silicone products are soft and can reach 10-80 degrees of hardness, which is widely used due to their soft properties.

Color diversity: according to customer's needs, different beautiful colors can be prepared.

Environmental protection and innocuity: no toxic and harmful substances are generated from raw materials entering the factory to finished products shipping.

Special silica gel:

Special silica gel products are based on the chemical characteristics of silica gel or the addition of some auxiliary materials. Special silica gel products can also have high temperature resistance (up to 330 degrees), food grade, medical grade and flame retardant grade. Through the addition of auxiliary materials, they can also have such characteristics as luminous, negative ion, color change, etc.


Due to its excellent comprehensive properties, silicone rubber products have been widely used in aviation, aerospace, atomic energy, electrical appliances, electronics, instrumentation, automobiles, machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, medical and health care, daily life and other fields.

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