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  • Model: ym20-1518-2

Nylon shaft sleeve features: impact resistance, difficulty in holding shaft, fusion bonding, no damage to shaft neck, long lubrication period

1, wear reduction, wear resistance, self-lubricating performance is excellent, can work effectively under the condition of little or no oil, generally wear resistance than copper and babbitt alloy 2-8 times.

3. The performance of burying foreign bodies is excellent in compliance. It can work under the harsh conditions where abrasive impurities exist to prevent the shaft from being bitten to death and injured.

5. Improve the mechanical efficiency, prolong the service life of the equipment, reduce the cost, etc., increase the service life by 2-8 times, prolong the maintenance and lubrication time of the equipment, and reduce the shutdown loss.

7, reduce cutting processing, reduce processing costs.  Because its elasticity and plasticity are relatively large, and the allowable variation range of press fit interference and fit clearance is also larger than that of metal, its tolerance requirement may not be as high as that of metal, and its inner and outer diameters may be processed according to grade 5-6 precision to meet the production requirements.

Generally speaking, it is of great significance to use nylon as wear-resistant parts like copper and alloy.  "

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